Some 6,500 yaba pills were also found on them during the raid

The Department of Narcotics Control has held a woman and her son-in-law over their involvement in trading in the highly addictive stimulant drug called crystal methamphetamine, better known as Ice.

They were detained on Thursday morning from Dhanmondi and Hazaribagh areas of the capital with drugs worth around Tk1 crore.

Speaking about the arrests, Mehedi Hasan, assistant director of the Department of Narcotics Control, said the authorities seized at least 270 grams of Ice and 6,500 pieces of yaba pills during the raid.

A legal process against them was underway, he said.

Methamphetamine is a nervous system stimulant, and among the world’s most notorious and addictive drugs. It is referred to by various colloquial names, including crystal, meth, speed and yaba, depending on location and proportion of pure methamphetamine.

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