A national embarrassment

A national embarrassment: Biman continues to fail miserably.

The national carrier of any given nation is the primary window for the broader world to peek in through.

It also acts as a signifier of a nation’s place in the international arena.

It appears our national carrier had to cut down its services from offering 18 destinations to 16 in the last year.

Which is not even a footnote of its recent slate of incompetence. 

Despite the government pumping millions into Biman and the aircraft fleet of the company seeing growth as a result.

The services provided by them leave much to be desired.

Both the current administration and experts have attributed this to inefficient management.

A recurring issue in the annals of the airline’s storied history.

But in spite of all the subsidization and heaps of government bailouts.

Biman in its current state is not able to compete with other airlines.

Even some of our nation’s smaller, local companies.

Some of the most common issues cited by passengers and experts are Ticketing mismanagement.

Poor passenger service, lack of flight schedule, and fleet planning.

And inefficient human resource management.

To call Biman a national embarrassment would be nothing short of an understatement.

Not limited to its incompetence, there are also allegations of corruption within Biman in every rung of its hierarchy.

Which not even all the money in the world can fix without visible punitive actions.

Tax-payer funds would be better spent on improving airport infrastructure and flight engineering.

And training facilities to make Bangladesh an attractive hub for air travel, instead of wasting it on a lost cause.

Enough chances have been granted to Biman for its repeat offenses to be considered a simple nuisance.

The only conceivable way for the company to turn itself around is for its prompt and comprehensive privatization.

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