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How can we ease Dhaka’s traffic congestion?

According to a recent survey of IQAir, Bangladesh tops the list of the world’s most polluted countries in terms of air pollution, and Dhaka as the most polluted city.

Such a record is certainly not a source of pride for us.

Dhaka has become almost an abandoned metropolis due to traffic jams, and air and noise pollution.

Any foreign tourist or government official in Dhaka actually calls it a dead city.

The government was suffering from complacency about the traffic jam in Dhaka.

As the educational institutions were closed for two consecutive years.

After the reopening of schools and other education institutes, Dhaka seems to have reverted to its old ways again.

In the last two and a half decades, six governments have built seven flyovers in Dhaka, but traffic congestion has not decreased.

A metro rail line is currently under construction and there are plans to build four more routes, including a BRT, by 2035.

After 13 years, when the metro rail will be launched on all routes, only 17% of the transportation pressure will be managed.

This means that the traffic situation is not being solved completely even after so much development.

According to the Strategic Transport Plan (STP) to reduce traffic congestion in the capital, in 2016-17.

There were an average of 30 million daily trips for people in Dhaka and its adjoining areas.

40,000,000 trips will be made in 2025, and more than 50,000,000 in 2035.

There is also the transportation of goods.

Realizing this, the government is now thinking of constructing 11 subways with a capacity of 4,000,000 passengers.

At a depth of 25 to 70 feet below the ground in Dhaka.

The problem is that not a single line of metro rail, which was approved by ECNEC in 2012, has been inaugurated in 10 years.

Will they be able to inaugurate any subway at all before 2035 or 2040 in densely populated brick slums?

So, what is the way? What can be the final answer to traffic jams in Dhaka?

In the beginning, open digital administration based on merit, qualifications.

And statutory legal process has to be done by completely transforming the ad hoc administration.

Millions of people, including employees, officials, or any head of government or non-government organization outside Dhaka.

Should be stopped from being called to the Dhaka Secretariat for office work.

Allocation, purchase, permit, approval, posting, transfer, or problem solving.

All work must be done online.

This alone would reduce the movement of people and vehicles on the road, the government’s transportation and fuel costs.

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