‘There is a win-win solution in the law, though it might take some time’

The Association of Television Channel Owners (ATCO) and Broadcast Journalists Center (BJC) on Saturday welcomed the initiative of implementing ad-free (clean-feed) broadcasting of foreign TV channels, saying all should help the government in implementing the law.

“The clean-feed act is a 15-years old law. It was supposed to be implemented at any time. Somehow the government has started implementing it now,” ATCO Senior Vice President Mozammel Haque Babu told a virtual press conference this evening.

Noting that the act would ensure the interests of all stakeholders through balancing between clean-feed and proper digitization, he said. “There is a win-win solution in the law, though it might take some time. So, we should show our patience until that time,”

It was, in fact, much needed to halt the overflow of foreign advertisements, Babu said, adding, “I agree with today’s statement of Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud regarding implementation of the clean-feed act,”

The ATCO vice president said: “The government did not stop airing the clean-feed programs of the foreign TV channels, rather local operators have stopped the airing since they could not broadcast clean-feed programs,”

There was, however, no need to create pressure stopping airing of all foreign TV channels. The operators who air foreign TV channels in the country could sit with the government to discuss the issue, he said mentioning that a faction of Cable Operators Association of Bangladesh (COAB)-Oikya Parishad – wanted to sit with the government for proper clean-feed and digitalization showing respect to the law.

Referring to COAB’s demonstration, Babu said, the movement would bring no outcome rather “We should abide by the law.”

BFUJ, DUJ congratulate Information Minister

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) on Saturday welcomed the initiative of implementation ad-free (clean feed) foreign TV channels broadcasting as per the directive of Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud.

In two separate messages, BFUJ President Mulla Jalal and Secretary General Abdul Majid and DUJ president Quddus Affrad and General Secretary Sajjad Alam Khan Tapu have said that country’s economy, artistes and media industry have been affected for not broadcasting clean feed foreign TV channels.

The country is also being deprived of investments worth around TK200 crore, said a press release.

They hoped that the economic condition of the country’s television industry would improve after the implementation of the initiative. 

Regarding shutting down foreign TV channels, they have echoed the same thing saying, the decision to shut down foreign TV channels wasn’t taken by the government’s, rather it is the decision of distributors and cable operators.

The journalists’ leaders extended thanks to the information and broadcasting minister to stand beside the broadcast media.

They also demanded to declare wage board for broadcast media, the release added.

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