Bridging the gap

It is crucial that more be done to decentralize.

Despite the impressive economic progress Bangladesh has been reporting.

The fact of the matter remains that the country growth is, still, far from equal.

The capital and its surrounding regions continue to be the hub of most of our progress.

Leaving a large part of the country underdeveloped and underutilized.

As has been said repeatedly in the past, it is crucial that more be done to decentralize.

And improve the upazilas and rural portions of the country.

These areas are severely lacking in proper education, health care, and employment facilities, leading to more and more of the residents moving to the cities for better opportunities.

The focus and over-reliance on the capital has led to massive amounts of strain being put not only on the residents, but also on the infrastructure and overall capacity of the city.

This, in turn, has created housing issues and an increasing traffic congestion, affecting the country’s productivity and overall living conditions.

Considering these issues have been highlighted many times.

It is unfortunate that more has not been done to rectify the inequity that persists across the country. 

With the Padma Bridge now operational, access to many regions has been unlocked, giving us the perfect opportunity to truly focus our attention and resources on developing.

The neglected parts of the country that can offer just as much if not more in our progress as a nation.

A lot of our success as a country has been centered around certain areas, leaving a major portion of the country behind in terms of development.

It’s time the authorities take initiatives to allow the rest of Bangladesh to be brought up to speed in order to make full use of the resources available to us.

And work towards becoming an equally developed nation.

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