The 50 year journey was phenomenal, here is how to plan for the next 50 Year.

Bangladesh is marching ahead in so many fields simultaneously.

That has made us matter of envy to the world.

This march is predominantly led by agriculture, fisheries, RMG, IT, digital platform.

Pharmaceutical, steel, cement, fertilizer, ceramic, ship building, electronics, leather, and other sectors.

Higher GDP per capita than India, Pakistan and even China.

Robust national per capita income, giant infrastructure projects.

Such as Padma Bridge, Karnaphuli river tunnel,  Rooppur nuclear power plant.

Matabari  1,200 MW Power Plant, Dhaka elevated expressway, Dhaka Metro Rail.

Dhaka-Chittagong elevated expressway, Payra deep sea port etc.

As well as in human development side such as upward female empowerment.

Literacy rate, life expectancy, downward infant mortality.

And advance sanitary systems are all certainly signs of a confident and better future.

Let’s target 50 years ahead right now in a methodical way.

Modality of conducting business has changed radically since 1971.

To graduate as a developing country by 2026 and a developed nation by 2041.

We must have a smooth journey through the 4th Industrial Revolution, successfully tackle climate.

And environmental challenges, be ready with renewable energy sources and so on.

A nation may attain top class industrial or developed stage but to sustain that momentum.

Its needs world class business acumen, latest skill sets which will generate world-class skilled manpower.

We need to utilize the demographic dividend smartly, and time is right now.

Universities need to build effective ties with industry leaders.

Businesses need to open doors to creative minds by investing in research projects, granting scholarships.

The industry and academia collaboration will ensure sustainable growth of skilled human capital.

At present there are only three universities having active executive level.

Development programs in this respect.

A total of 108 private and 55 public universities should take stronger steps based on the ground.

Entrepreneurs, industrialists create employment.

Opportunities with active patronization from the policymakers and government.

We must think about semi-skilled or unskilled youth.

Who are going abroad through illegal ways in the hope of a better future.

Human trafficking and illegal migration will be significantly reduced.

When young adults will have more job offers than one can have in hand in the country.

This might sound crazy right now, but who would have dreamed 50 years ago.

That a satellite orbiting our planet named after Bangabandhu.

Vision, mission and actions all have to be aligned. 4IR is changing the skill sets for good.

AI, robotics, biotech, blockchain, IoTs, data analytics, cloud computing, etc.

All will surely affect our ways of branding, manufacturing, supply chain process.

The more we get intertwined with the global businesses.

The more we will need to learn absolutely newer subjects and be able to utilize them expertly.

We need to unlearn, relearn and re-skill ourselves.

After mega projects become fully functional, world class skilled manpower.

Will be needed to maintain world class standards.

To earn $5 billion by 2025 in digital platforms, we will need global standard digital savvy youths.

At present we have 39 leading green factories out of 100 in the world.

To aim for 100 leading green factories, we need real players.

Health, hospitality and tourism sectors.

All need world class skilled manpower with 100% safe and secured environment.

By addressing climate change issues, clean waterways, green growth will ensure a healthy environment.

And life for generations ahead.

A natural outcome of all of these will roll down to create employment opportunities in all directions.

It will attract investors from home and abroad alike, be it private or public.

To have comprehensive realistic based planning, decision making and implementing.

We need a strong umbrella.

Technology, education, employment, and environment all are strongly interlinked.

We need 10, 25 and 50-year plans based on research on trends of technology, 4IR based curriculum.

Training on re-skilling for unemployed and overseas job seekers, curriculum on green energy.

It is time to establish the Ministry of Human Resources Development.

It will lead and coordinate activities in terms of HRD among Ministry of Education, universities, UGC.

National Skills Development Authority, Dept. of Youth Development, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare.

And Overseas Employment, Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, professional bodies, HR experts, student associations, career counsellors etc.

Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka all have them.

To materialize his dream of Sonar Bangla (Golden Bengal).

We need skilled manpower with the can-do attitude and selfless love of the land.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the shining light of that attitude, let’s do it and we can do it together.

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