Building our dreams

It is apparent that Dhaka intends to become a modern-day metropolis.

With the completion of the Padma Bridge.

Bangladesh has plenty of megaprojects that still need to be completed.

To that end, the fact that Bangladesh has already secured part of the financing for the proposed subway project deserves to be commended.

The authorities expressed their desire to build a subway as part of the overall metro in Dhaka.

And they have just signed a deal with Japan, where Japan will provide us with a loan of TK11,400 crore for the project.

While initially proposed before the pandemic, it is good to see that, as Bangladesh slowly but surely regains economic momentum.

The authorities are moving from planning to implementation.

It is certainly impressive, and deserves recognition.

The total cost of the Metrorail Line-5 project is TK41,238 crore. Under the project, a 13.50 km underground metro rail and a 6.50 km fly metro rail will be constructed.

The 14 km portion of the subway will be a part of the 20km overhead line from Gabtoli to Bhatara.

The remaining 6 km to be elevated. As such, there will be a metro rail with a combination of subway and fly systems in the same route.

The extent of our infrastructural projects, from deep sea ports to metro rails to power plants shows our overall ambitions as a nation.

Bangladesh is on the verge of taking the next leap as a nation, and it is apparent that Dhaka intends to become a modern-day metropolis as well.

Keeping these developments in mind, it is extremely important that we continue being this pro-active.

And keep our eyes on distant horizons. 

Yet, we are still in the early phase of the project.

We have to make sure that our plans remain on track and that the budget doesn’t spiral out of control.

Of course, with large scale projects like this, there is always a deficit when it comes to the reconciliation between the plan and the implementation.

Bangladesh has garnered the specific reputation of varying too much from the plan in terms of execution.

The recent Padma Bridge project was our answer to the world that we can handle large scale projects.

Let subsequent projects like the subway be our answer to the world that we can properly execute our dreams.

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