Building up the arts

While investing in the infrastructure is a good start, national funds and endowments have to be enlarged.

As the economy of a country progresses, so too should there be emphasis on developing it holistically, addressing all sectors within.

To that end, a focus on the arts and entertainments sector of the country is something that has been long overdue for Bangladesh.

From an economic sector, not only does this add another dimension to our possible exports, but from a cultural standpoint.

Focusing on the arts builds up the personality and spirit of its people, enabling them to become well-rounded citizens through exposure to a wide array of different ideas. 

On that note, it is good that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday.

Said that the government intends to allocate TK 1000 crore for setting up cinema halls at district.

And upazila levels and digitizing the industry as a whole — paving the way for the modernization of the industry. 

The film industry of Bangladesh has suffered for a long time.

From a lack of funds to a lack of business within the country, as days go by, this industry of ours has been growing barren.

This is especially sad for a nation for whom during the golden age, its films were held in favour by the international audience.

Through Asia, the respective film industries have been getting international recognition and funding.

And these all happened because of the new wave movements that sprung up with the collaboration of local filmmakers and government movements. 

Recently, our output has been getting global recognition as well.

It is high time that the government capitalizes on this trend. With the cash inflow into the infrastructure that will lead to local revenues growing.

We can expect this to be the start of a fruitful relationship. 

To reiterate, as our economy grows, it is imperative that we focus on the arts.

While investing in the infrastructure is a good start, national funds and endowments have to be enlarged.

The subject matters of films have to be diversified as well, and the government should start encouraging diverse opinions and voices. 

We are in a golden era where we have the opportunity to build up our arts sector in general.

For the sake of our national identity in a globalized world, it’s something we should do sooner rather than later.

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