Coming together for the world

It is commendable to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reminding the global powers to not forget about climate change.

2022 has been a tumultuous year in the history of the world.

Seemingly forgetting the lessons from the devastating world wars, Major powers of the world are embroiled in a struggle for power and domination.

We are seeing wars both in the literal sense of the word, and we are seeing wars in the new sense of the word, playing out over anonymous networks and internal monetary exchanges. 

The world appears to be more divided than ever. Yet, when we take into account the existential threat of climate change.

Which to reiterate, remains the single biggest threat to humanity this century, we simply cannot afford individual conflicts. 

As such, it is commendable to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reminding the global powers to not forget about climate change in between their personal conflicts.

And all the geopolitical tensions that currently exist.

Climate change is a threat on the existential level that has the power to wipe out all of humanity.

If we don’t unite now, we might not have a chance in the future.

As stated by the prime minister, the developed countries have an obligation to deliver on their commitment to providing finance and technology under the Paris Agreement.

As they are the entities responsible for most of the pollution in the world.

Unfortunately, the current battles that are going around the world are operating under the banner of the developed countries as well.

Consequently, not only are they not upholding their commitment, but they are also contributing greatly to pollution due to war.

Alongside turning away our attention from the real threat of the century. 

This cannot go on. Climate change has the power to change the shape of the globe if we fail to address it.

All countries have their individual priorities, and they have the sovereignty to deal with them as they see fit.

However, this is not the time for individual thinking.

We have to come together as a species.

That is the only way we stand a chance to get out of this mess.

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