A humane approach is needed

Stray animals cannot be killed or forcefully relocated

It is often said that human beings in any society should be judged not by its economic growth numbers, its development, or its prosperity, but by how it treats those who are less fortunate within it.   

Of course, treating all human beings with dignity and respect is a prerequisite, but equally telling is how society treats animals, often the most vulnerable, defenseless, and at the mercy of humankind’s whims. 

The law is fairly clear on the matter: According to Section 7 of the Animal Welfare Act 2019, stray animals cannot be killed or forcefully relocated. Therefore, it is both shocking and infuriating to learn that, as per complaints from several citizens, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) have allegedly continued their drives to relocate stray dogs. 

Now, the DSCC have retorted and said that their actions are for citizens’ welfare and for ensuring that these dogs are being vaccinated, but it all points to the DSCC’s utter lack of transparency in the matter. Such an underhanded, sneaky approach does not befit a governing body entrusted with the welfare of a city.  

The fact that DSCC officials are unwilling to provide details about these relocations is worrying, and that there is such distorted information about the whole matter points to the DSCC being in the wrong here. 

Furthermore, the DSCC has plenty of duties and responsibilities that matter far more to the general public than stray animals, and the possibility that it could be wasting valuable resources on forceful relocations, something that is disallowed by law, is baffling and unacceptable. We hope that the authorities concerned address this issue, and find it in themselves to become more humane in the way they treat these defenseless creatures.

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