Eliminating the polluters

It is time we started taking concrete action.

Among the many issues that plague the capital, the deteriorating air quality is undoubted.

Dhaka’s air quality is almost always classified as “unhealthy” with an AQI score that seldom.

Seems to be below 200, particularly during the winter season when a lack of rain.

Moisture only exacerbates the situation.

While there are many reasons for Dhaka’s terrible air quality, among the biggest problems.

What continues to exist are the illegal brick kilns that exist within Dhaka and surrounding districts.

To that end, the fact that department of environment (DoE) has submitted a list of 319.

Illegal brickfields to the High Court are an encouraging development.

However, compiling lists means nothing if no action is taken against these illegal establishments.

That has played a major role in quite literally choking the citizens of Dhaka and depriving them.

The most disappointing thing is that we have known about the effects of these illegal establishments.

For quite some time now, and yet, the owners continue to enjoy a staggering level of impunity.

Polluting our air and raking in profits at the expense of citizens.

Enough is enough. It is time we started taking concrete action to eliminate these polluters.

Especially the illegal establishments that have no reason to exist.

Shutting them down.

Indeed bringing them to book for all the damage they have caused.

Should be the bare minimum the authorities do, while simultaneously.

Continuing to work towards transforming Dhaka into a breathable city.

Where its citizens are not gasping for air. 

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