Ensuring food security

Bangladesh is a country that continues to function through the sweat of our farmers.

One of the topics that fails to get talked about sufficiently when it comes to climate change is the assurance of food security.

Existential threats like losing our coastlines should be a key concern, but that does not mean we should be ignoring the very basic ingredient of our survival

As such, it is good to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina calling for the innovation of climate-tolerant crops to ensure food safety. 

Food security should be the top priority for every nation, especially so for developing countries such as ourselves who are also simultaneously among the most vulnerable to climate change.

Due to international trade, we have grown accustomed to relying on other nations to meet our demand for produce, but this can have drastic setbacks. 

As already observed when it comes to oil due to disturbances in the international market, relying on others also means that there are gaps in our safety nets.

Gaps that can turn into serious issues if we are not careful.

As such, it only makes sense to invest in climate-tolerant crops.

We have made a lot of headways when it comes to innovation. Climate-tolerant crops are the natural evolution. 

However, we also need to focus on building up a sustainable infrastructure when it comes to the trade of agricultural goods.

A lot of the money in crops is usurped by the middlemen, leaving nothing for the farmers.

Bangladesh is a country that continues to function through the sweat of our farmers.

If we fail to take care of them, we fail to properly meet the food security challenges of our time.

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