Establishing Bangladesh beyond RMG products

We have too much to offer to just be known for our RMG.

Bangladesh has plenty of produce and even more natural resources and minerals, the proper cultivation and export of which could take our country to new heights.

We have relied on RMG exports for far too long, and it is time we took the issue seriously. 

One potential avenue could be to emphasize the fruits that grow in our country.

As a lot of Western countries do not have the natural environment that is conducive for this produce.

Fortunately, the fact that 100 tons of mangoes are expected to be exported to Europe from Satkhira is a step in the right direction.

This is being done for the eighth time this year, so we can be optimistic that a taste for this Bangladeshi product is being developed.

Bangladesh is a land blessed with nature, and nowhere can this be seen better than our growth of fruit, and our soil is fertile for almost any kind.

Alas, despite our production, due to our inability to both store and export, much of what is grown goes to waste, especially when it comes to fruits that grow in abundance. 

Exporting these items will not only help us to diversify our trade, but will also mitigate this waste.

There is also the case of exports like this helping farmers and creating more jobs.

The agricultural sector has been downtrodden due to middlemen for a long time.

Exports like this can help tackle that.

However, in the long run, export of fruits like mangoes can help build the Bangladesh brand beyond merely RMG products.

This is a step that deserves to be commended. On its success, it would be wise to tap into other potential products that could help establish Bangladesh.

We have too much to offer to just be known for our RMG. 

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