Experts Blame Air

Experts Blame Air: Habibur Rahman, a Dhaka dweller, first thought he had somehow encountered a foggy winter morning.

He soon realized that the fog was in fact a curtain of dust, which is a result of Dhaka’s increasingly deteriorating air quality.

Studies have shown that unplanned development work in the city is responsible for the majority of air pollution.

According to a study by the Center for Atmospheric Pollution Study (CAPS).

Unplanned road digging and construction account for much of the air pollution in Dhaka. 

“If you just look at the air pollution data before and after 2016, you will see how major construction has led to a deterioration of air quality in Dhaka.”

According to him, nearly 2000 metric tons of dust fly regularly occupy the skies of Dhaka.

Uttara is one such construction hotspot where a number of mega construction projects.

Including the Metrorail and elevated expressway, are underway.

The subsequent pollution that the residents are exposed to is gradually pushing them to serious health hazards. 

The Agargaon road from Shishu Mela to the Passport Office has been undergoing expansion for the past two months.

 Nazma, who has come from Bogura for her father’s treatment at the National Institute of Traumatology.

It’s difficult to dine at roadside restaurants because of the dust. 

“These are the only places which are nearby and we can afford.

So, we’re eating the dust mixed food,” she lamented.

The area has eight public hospitals and at least 15 more private hospitals in its vicinity.

Meaning dry weather along with construction work has been exposing these patients and their families to various health risks.

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