Exploring new avenues

In the age of global commerce, we have to keep exploring opportunities.

In terms of progress and economic expansion, our pharmaceutical industry has been slowly building itself up and making a name for itself.

As such, it is commendable that the industry is expanding its operations in the African pharmaceutical market. 

The industry aims to capture the $30 million drug trade market of Kenya and five other East African countries.

We already have an export market that covers 42 other countries including the Asian powerhouse Philippines.

If we can keep up this momentum, then we can vastly elevate both the momentum and the sustainability of our GDP growth. 

Of course, this would not be possible without the central bank’s landmark decision to allow four private entities to invest $10 m in foreign countries.

The barrier to investment in foreign countries has always been a structural weakness of our business environment.

Hopefully, as the boons of the expansion of our local industries begin to manifest, both the authorities and all other major private stakeholders will face a reckoning. 

Different private entities have been expanding and offering a wide array of services within Bangladesh, but in the age of international commerce, this is not enough.

To keep up the growth and momentum of our economy alongside guaranteeing its sustainability, we have to keep exploring new avenues of business consistently.

Hopefully, this landmark deal ends up setting a precedent, for both the authorities and other private entities to follow. 

To reiterate, in the age of global commerce, we have to keep exploring opportunities consistently.

The expansion of our pharmaceutical industries was possible because of the prudence of both the government and the entities involved.

With some iteration, this can become the norm, not the exception.

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