Fixing the rot in our healthcare sector

Bangladesh’s health care has been in life support for a long time now.

With the Covid-19 pandemic along with the recurring issue of dengue exposing its myriad cracks, it is, now more than ever.

Evident that concrete steps need to be taken in order to breathe new life into this ailing sector.

On that note, while the report the authorities have sealed off at least 63 unregistered clinics and diagnostics centres nationwide is alarming at the offset.

this is the first step towards a long journey of improving everything that is wrong with our health care sector, as recognizing the flaws is always a good indicator of future actions.

There have been many reports of mismanagement and deaths due to irregularities and medical negligence throughout hospitals in the country.

Therefore, the fact that a wide array of clinics and diagnostic centres operate without any kind of compliance with the law shouldn’t be surprising. 

The authorities need to widen this drive and bring every kind of rot in our medical apparatus like this to justice.

We also have to increase our budgetary spending in this sector, alongside making sure that we have a good supply of doctors and proper infrastructure for the medical sector to thrive.

We also desperately need to invest in the research wing of the sector, as this is an area where we are badly falling behind. 

All in all, the recent drive should work as the first step towards a long journey of recovery. But we have to do more, and we have to do it now.

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