For the future of Bangladesh

Among the many issues that continue to plague Bangladesh.

And act as roadblocks on our path to fulfill our full potential as a nation.

Our education sector’s stagnation has been among the most notable ones.

Indeed with growing unemployment, particularly among those with college degrees.

And with Bangladesh’s education quality continuing to dwindle.

It was evident that there needed to be change, if for nothing else.

Then to try something new, as the older methods were not quite succeeding.

To that end, it is encouraging to see that the education ministry has proposed a new curriculum for primary and secondary education.

Too often, we have seen students struggle when they reach the higher levels in education.

And this is a pro-active step to address the issue, which deserves credit.

What has undoubtedly been a positive move is that the curriculum included no exams.

The third grade and a two-day weekend.

It is a shame that the two-day weekend was not mandatory, as children require rest to focus on their lessons as well.

While some of the best school systems in the world do not have exams until an even higher grade.

While there is no guarantee that these changes will yield immediate positive results.

And we must not only be patient, but also ensure that these changes are executed properly.

It is still a step in the right direction, and shows intent from the education ministry.

Something that Bangladesh has rightfully been criticized for.

What is important now is for our investment into education to match our ambition.

We have numerous goals to reach, and no doubt they will come with their set of challenges.

It is imperative that the future leaders of Bangladesh are ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

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