Going green

Despite being one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, the current situation of Bangladesh when it comes to forests is dire.

Our country’s forest coverage stands at 14.10% while the tree-covered areas stand at 22.37%.

As such, it is good news that there are a number of projects that are being implemented that aims to raise the tree coverage of the country to 24% by 2025.

To that end, the Environment, Forests, and Climate Change Minister recently confirmed the initiatives on Monday.

And he said that the government has a target to create a 29,124-hectare mangrove.

And block garden as well as a 1,574km strip garden in the current fiscal year of 2021-22. 

The role of forests, when it comes to the preservation of nature and biodiversity, is undeniable.

One needs to only look at how the Sundarbans save us from natural calamities like cyclones and typhoons to see the practical applications of forests.

Our forests also work as places of commerce as a lot of people living near or around these areas can look to them for bee farming and gathering of wood.

Bangladesh suffers a lot from dust and air pollution, and having more trees will definitely help with this issue. All in all.

The importance of forests when it comes to maintaining our way of life is undeniable, and the sooner we stop this, the better. 

The administration certainly deserves praise for their initiatives and this is something that should be implemented properly.

Bangladesh will go through rapid industrialization across the country in the coming decade.

And we will need trees to counteract the pollution that will be caused by the ensuing development.

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