Hult Prize competition at ULAB

More than 216 teams participated and top six teams reached the Grand Finale.

The University of ULAB organized the closing ceremony of Hult Prize.

The month-long on campus round of the international business competition on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the competition supported by Study Abroad with Maces organized their Grand Finale.

Where team Valhalla proceeded towards the regional round by winning.

The on campus round, said a statement.

Hult Prize is a year long business competition.

Where students from different universities around.

The globe get exciting opportunities to solve the social issues.

Which are happening around the planet through their innovative business models.

These business models definitely have to be sustainable.

And would have to create a major beneficial impact for the betterment of the world.

This year Hult Prize was hosted for the second time in ULAB.

And more than 216 participated in the competition.

Top six teams proceeded towards the Grand Finale of the on campus round.

The chief guest of the event was ULAB Pro (V.C.) Prof Dr Shamsad Mortuza.

The judges of the finale round were Ashraful Insan Evan.

Head of Brand and Marketing of Creative Business Group Limited, Estanul Kabir.

Senior Program Manager of Bangladesh Wadhwani Foundation, Asif Uddin Ahmed.

Assistant Professor and Director of MBA Program of ULAB and Abit Utsha.

Head of Student Placement of Study Abroad with Maces.

The winning team members from Team Valhalla are Abdus Salam.

Marchia Ahmed Shreya, Shahbaz Hossain and Wahida Parveen.

Moreover, Team Dynamic Dynamite and Team the Imperium were declared.

The first and second runners-up of the Hult Prize at ULAB.

This was a month long event and the whole event was organized by the Organizing Committee.

The Hult Prize at ULAB which consisted of 26 student representatives of ULAB.

Abdullah Sorowar Alif was the Campus Ambassador of Hult Prize at ULAB.

Who led the team and organized the event to represent ULAB in an international platform like Hult Prize.

He said: It was a massive honor for me to represent my university.

The Campus Ambassador in the Hult Prize. I am very glad to organize this event in my campus.

Successfully with the cooperation of my honorable faculties and students of ULAB.

With a $1,000,000 global startup prize, the Hult Prize has introduced impact focused programs.

And training to over a million students globally.

Creating a pathway for youth everywhere to build a better world.

Each year, tens of thousands of college and university students.

From over a 100 countries participate, and since its inception.

Participants have represented over 2,000 institutions of higher education.

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