In-person classes

In-person classes at pre-primary schools resume after 2 years.

Decision to reopen pre-primary schools came in light of improvement in Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Pre-primary schools in Bangladesh finally resumed in-person classes on Tuesday morning.

However, in-person classes will only be held on Sundays and Tuesdays for the time being.

The government on March 9 announced its decision to reopen pre-primary schools in light.

The recent improvement in the country’s Covid-19 situation.

Bangladesh shut down all schools and educational institutions following the outbreak in March 2020.

Although schools at other levels have since reopened, the government had till now decided.

To keep pre-primary schools closed, with classes being held online.

As a result, the experience of in-person classes was cut short for many.

While others had yet to see the inside of a classroom.

With a Jury drawn from around the world, one film stood above all the others.

And thus the unanimous decision for the award goes to Dostojee by Pasun Chatterjee.

Brilliantly carried by its young cast, the story was colourful, affecting and had enough of a political.

And religious subtext to give it real weight. A truly worthy winner,” read a press release.

No ground beneath my feet (Bangladesh) won the Special Jury Mention Award.

The film has been described as a complex human story, where the  characters struggle to survive.

A cruel environment and society,  a moment that makes us re-questioning the word humanity.

A film  that takes us to the darkest  places  of Bangladesh.

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