Investing in renewables

Bangladesh has been playing catch up in almost every sector for too long now.

Bangladesh has been making strides when it comes to energy production lately.

But it is unfortunate that they have mostly stuck to traditional methods of power generation.

Aside from some nuclear power plants which are in the process of being set up.

Most of the power plants in Bangladesh rely on coal.

The residues from coal-based power plants are one of the biggest threats to our environment and well-being. 

As such, it is good to see the private sector stepping up.

Investing in solar plants in order to make the operations in their respective factories sustainable.

Private companies have been relying on different sustainable energy sources for a while now.

The recent news has come from a local company that eventually plans on generating 20 MW of power using solar panels.

Yet, the hope is that all of these activities will be working as a stimulus for the public sector. 

Solar energy and other sources of renewable energies are the way to go.

The whole world is shifting to greener methods of energy generation.

If we don’t take steps now, we will be left behind.

In order to stimulate this trend, the authorities would do well to make solar energy.

Other renewable energy generation methods more accessible.

They should also look into green energy methods in general in order to determine what best works for Bangladesh and what to focus investment in.

That way, aside from traditional energy generation methods.

It would be easier for us to transition to a green system and go green efficiently. 

Bangladesh has been playing catch up in almost every sector for too long now.

When it comes to energy generation at least, we should strike while the iron is hot.

If not, in 20 years, we will still be using coal while the world has moved on.

For a country that is leading the fight against climate change, this would not bode well.

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