Making our mark

Congratulations are in order for the Tigers, who secured a historic ODI series win in foreign conditions when they beat South Africa.

For it to happen in the auspicious month of independence, in the year 2022 as we move past 50 years of being a sovereign nation.

And look to the future of becoming a middle-income and, eventually.

A high-income nation over the next two decades makes this victory all the more special.

Indeed, it was the manner with which this victory was achieved; facing South Africa who had only recently beaten India.

And after meekly relinquishing the second ODI after a fantastic victory in the first had all.

But the most optimistic supporters of the Bangladesh Cricket Team expecting the usual.

For the team to show promise but eventually crumble.

That they bowled out South Africa for 154 and chased that down with half the overs left.

And nine wickets in hand is testament to the progress Bangladesh has made, and continues to make in limited overs cricket.

Credit is also due to the coaching staff, as well as Tamim Iqbal for doing an exemplary job as captain despite the naysayers.

What is integral now is to build from these victories.

Bangladesh has been a cricket-crazy nation for decades now, yet we are yet to truly make a mark on the global cricketing world in terms of significant achievements.

We are progressing as a nation and expect to reach historic milestones.

It is only natural that the same is expected of the national cricket team as well.

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