Minister No shortage

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi says traders have created an artificial crisis in the rice market.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi has said there was no shortage of rice in the country.

He said although there was enough rice, traders created an artificial crisis in the market

The minister was speaking at a press conference at the Secretariat on Thursday.

He issued a warning against the rice hoarders saying that the authorities were conducting drives across the country.

The minister again reiterated the government’s position on not allowing the packaging of rice for sale after it is purchased from the open market,

“We are contemplating whether a circular can be issued restricting the sale of rice in packets after the rice is bought from the domestic market,” he said.

Tipu Munshi further said the government will continue providing 10 million people daily essentials at a low price till the situation improves.

Talking about the price of edible oil in the market at that time, the minister said: “The price of oil will not increase any further, it will go down soon.

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