New sound in town

‘Vanessa’ was formed in 2020.

Bangladeshi band Vanessa dropped their new single Nightfall, described as the first Nu-Disco song emerging from Dhaka.

And drew the attention of the country’s music enthusiasts.

Formed in mid-2020 during the lockdown in Malaysia, the band members include Abeer Nafis, Sanyat Rahman, Cheeto, Nahian and AK Ratul.

Sanyat Rahman played the bass and co-wrote the lyrics.

Abeer Nafis served as the main producer and played the guitars, synthesizers, drums, along with pre-mixing the song from his bedroom-studio.

A.K.Ratul co-produced the song and worked on the final sound engineering.

Nahian helped with the vocals and lyrics.

The inspiration behind Nightfall is to portray the loop of toxic escapist habits that youngsters often get stuck in, the band members said.

The lyrics use the metaphor of toxic relationships.

The core idea we wanted to relay is that the cycles of escapism are rather hard to break and often cause destruction in our lives.

The music video, directed by Sufian and Hasib, seeks to reinforce the message by portraying a volatile romantic relationship as well as substance abuse.

The music video was produced by Abeer, Sanyat and Zareef.

The art direction and the storyboarding were done by Abeer, Sanyat and Sufian.

Filming lasted for two days, and the overall budget for the Project Nightfall nearly hit six figures.

The biggest achievement would be the reception of our first concert by senior musicians.

It was extremely hard for us to pull off an electronic fusion sound with a limited lineup.

And limited resources but we delivered a high quality sonic output during the show, the band members said.

Apart from musicians the audience was awestruck to see something of this nature and hundreds of people from the event started following the band on social media.

And flooding us with love messages, fan videos and constructive criticisms.

The reaction of music connoisseurs after Nightfall came out was also great along with the fact that we hit our KPIs of 10k views in one week, and 5k listeners on Spotify.

Another achievement would be working with Malaysia’s biggest indie music label, Breaking Studios Sdn. Bhd. for our debut single.

Vanessa is currently working on their EP.

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