No matter the cost

Protect our overseas workers from abuse.

Remittance earned by our overseas workers is the second biggest source of income for Bangladesh, with our RMG industry being the primary engine of our economy. 

However, remittance can be considered the highest in terms of net earnings, as the sector is free from the burden of spending on any other components, raw material in RMG for example. 

And remittance is one sector that is paying off regardless of the amount, or lack thereof, of effort being spent to ensure its overall health.

And by that we mean the safety and security of our overseas workers

While it is indeed good to know that the overall remittance inflow had increased dramatically ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr this year.

With our nation receiving almost $2 billion, this does nothing to actually improve the conditions that our hard-working men.

And women who have sacrificed everything to find employment opportunities far away from home.

Initiatives such as the migrant portal have made the process of sending money back a whole lot easier, it has even helped a lot in mitigating the harassment.

That most of our workers face from unscrupulous middlemen, but all these measures will be for naught unless.

And until Bangladeshi embassies in our remittance destinations take concrete steps to protect our overseas workers from the abuse they are subjected to on a regular basis. 

We understand that to stop sending workers to places such as the Gulf nations is unlikely, as they remain all too lucrative for us.

But it does not excuse the lack of any effort in protecting them from abusive employers overseas 

With our remittance numbers growing ever higher.

It is entirely unjust for the administration to doom our workers overseas while the nation keeps being built on the backs of their hard work and suffering.

More needs to be done to not only protect but also help our overseas workers, no matter the cost.

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