Nowhere to play

Playgrounds are important for both the physical and mental growth of children.

Dhaka has always been a poor example when it comes to urban planning.

From the lack of nature to a properly planned out layout for the roads, the original planning of Dhaka had a lot of faults that we still suffer from.

Unfortunately, very little has been done to improve that situation ever since.

The administration and the authorities responsible still engage in urban planning in a way that prioritizes development over life itself.

Making it hard to breathe even inside our homes.

The most vulnerable victim of such faulty planning is, of course, children.

There are almost no dedicated zones for children in Dhaka to play in.

And the consequence of this can be devastating to their health, both mental and physical.

As such, it is extremely unfortunate that the authorities are cracking down in one of the last remaining playgrounds in Tetultola.

The playground in Dhaka’s Kalabagan is now on-track to be turned into a police station.

And our law enforcers can now be seen detaining anyone protesting this obviously bad move.

This is unacceptable.  

Playgrounds are important for both the physical and mental growth of children.

Add to that the Covid-19 pandemic that has locked children inside for the last two years.

And the need for playgrounds becomes even more apparent.

As such, it is negligible at best, and impudent at worst, on part of the authorities to tear down yet another playground.

And contribute to the further deterioration of our children’s overall development.  

The government has a responsibility to safeguard that development.

And the best way to start that would be to build more playgrounds and dedicated spaces for the recreation of our children.

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