PM Hasina inaugurates Hajj program

Biman to start operating Hajj flights from Sunday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially inaugurated this year’s Hajj program on Friday.

The premier virtually launched the program held at the Hajj Camp.

In the capital’s Ashkona from Ganabhaban.

Addressing the Bangladeshi pilgrims, the prime minister said.

Pray for the country and its people when you are there in Makkah.

Abide by Saudi Arabia’s rules and regulations as it is your duty to uphold the country’s dignity.

She urged the pilgrims to make prayers for Bangladesh’s economic development.

Every person in the country can get food, clothes, shelter, medical care, and education.

The prime minister later mentioned that an e-Hajj (online registration) program had been introduced by the Saudi Arabian government.

To ease the journey and activities of the pilgrims.

I hope everyone can return safely to Bangladesh, she added.

State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan.

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Md Mahbub Ali among others, were present at the program.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines will start operating Hajj flights from Sunday.

This year a total of 57,856 pilgrims from Bangladesh will be allowed to take part in Hajj. 

According to the aviation authorities, Biman will carry 29,000 pilgrims on three Boeing 777.

Aircraft this year, with 130 dedicated flights and 65 round trips. 

Hajj is open to those fully vaccinated against Covid and are under the age of 65.

Last year, only 58,745 pilgrims performed Hajj from across the world because of the Covid pandemic.

Before the pandemic, some 2.5 million people used to travel every year to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

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