Preparing for the fourth wave

Further lockdowns are in no way favourable.

With Bangladesh’s daily Covid cases crossing the 1,000 mark last week.

We can no longer disregard the experts’ fear that the fourth wave.

The pandemic has already begun in some clusters in the capital.

Two Omicron sub-variants are probably fueling the fresh spike in Covid cases according to healthcare professionals.

And they have warned that coming weeks could see an exponential growth in daily Covid cases as community transmission begins. 

So far, Bangladesh has done a tremendous job of keeping the Covid-19 virus at bay.

Ever since undergoing another series of lockdowns during the middle of 2021.

We have seen the daily Covid cases gradually declining, with the daily cases dropping to 0 just a couple of weeks ago.

No doubt, this significant achievement was the result of the government making it compulsory to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Along with the result of a successful vaccination drive that has seen a majority portion of the population at least partially vaccinated.

Given the recent spike in cases, the administration would do well to further ramp up these drives.

To that end they have already announced that anyone that has taken the second dose of their vaccine at least six months ago are eligible for booster doses.

Everyone needs to comply.

With the current issue of inflation and the current state of the economy.

Further lockdowns are in no way favourable.

But that doesn’t mean that we cannot follow safety protocols such as mask mandates and the aforementioned vaccination drives.

As such, the authorities need to be more aggressive with their Covid-19 strategy.

Booster doses have to be made compulsory for people just like the base two shots.

Universities and other educational institutes need to be taken back online if necessary.

We also need to prepare our medical apparatus for the worst-case scenario.

In case this fourth wave ends up to be far more dangerous than we are expecting.

The safety of our people should be the topmost priority of the government.

While keeping in mind the particular complexities of the situation.

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