Probe launched

The suspension order will be withdrawn, says the railways minister.

The government has launched an investigation to probe into the much-talked incident of travelling without tickets on a train.

And allegations against a travelling ticket examiner (TTE) of Bangladesh Railway of being rude to passengers.

Railway Assistant Transport Officer Sajedul Islam Babu is leading the three-member team formed by the Pakshi Railway Divisional Office. 

Imrul Kayes Pranto, a passenger of Dhaka-bound Sundarban Express and relative of the railways minister, met the probe committee on Sunday.

The TTE, Shafiqul Islam, was also summoned to the Pakshi Railway Divisional Office for an explanation of his actions.

The probe body has been tasked with submitting the report within five working days. 

The head of the probe body, Sajedul Islam Babu, told reporters that they had noted down the statements of both the parties and they will listen to the witnesses next.

Shafiqul, who works under Bangladesh Railway’s Pakshi Division, was suspended on Friday.

A day after he fined three individuals for travelling in an air-conditioned coach without tickets, claiming that they were relatives of the railways minister.

Angered by the penalty, the three including Pranto complained to the railway authorities in a hand-written letter accusing the TTE of misbehaving with them.

The suspension of the TTE, in which the railways minister’s wife reportedly had a role, touched off widespread criticism on social media.

With Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity (BJKS) calling on the minister to leave office allowing a fair investigation into the incident.

In a dramatic change of events, Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujan said that the order to suspend the TTE would be withdrawn.

The development came amid calls from various quarters for his resignation.

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan has claimed to have no involvement in the suspension of Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) Shafiqul Islam over his alleged misbehaving with passengers.

The minister also denied that the passengers were his relatives.

On Friday, news broke of a TTE on a train being suspended for fining three people claiming to be the railway minister’s relatives who were travelling without tickets.

The TTE was said to have been suspended over a phone call without being given a chance to even defend himself.

No relatives of mine were involved with the incident. I have no relationship with the passengers involved in the incident.

Some opportunists have tried to take advantage by selling my name, Sujan told UNB on Saturday.

Expressing his firm stance on behalf of the offenders being brought to book, the minister said: No one involved with the incident will be spared even if passengers without tickets are related to me.

Similarly, if a railway official commits any misdeed with the passengers, he will also have to face the same music.

Sujan also claimed that he is not aware of the suspension of the railway official.

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