Purifying the air

Bangladesh remains the most polluted country according to the latest survey by WHO.

The very air of Bangladesh is getting worse. 

While the country is dusty during the winter, the level of pollutants in the atmosphere seems to have doubled.

And have filled every sphere of the horizon.

On that note, it is extremely unfortunate that Bangladesh remains the most polluted country according to the latest survey by WHO.

While we might want to take solace in the fact that countries all over the world failed to meet the quality standards set up by WHO.

The fact still remains that when it comes to a comparative analysis, we have the worst and most toxic air.

The air of Bangladesh is filled with dust and other pollutants.

A walk across our megacities will inevitably shower us with sand, sweat, and particles that we can’t even name.

There have been reports both locally and abroad that have mandated a number of solutions to fix this issue.

And covering different construction sites and working on mitigating the effect of brick kilns throughout.

The country has always been a solution that has stayed on the tongues of the populace.

But so far, the government has failed to act.

Not only are both brick kilns and construction sites popping up without any kind of planning and safety measures.

But with the opening of schools around the country, the horrendous traffic jam.

And the smoke from the number of excess vehicles on the road are threatening to make things worse.

Since we can still fix this issue, proper planning has to be implemented and relevant solutions have to be deployed.

The government has a lot of ambitions for Bangladesh as a whole.

But failing to fix this issue of dust means that we will drown before we even get started.

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