The authorities of Comilla University will make a decision regarding the students involved in clashes.

That took place on Wednesday night over ragging.

According to sources, the students of 2019-20 batch of the marketing department.

Some students of the immediate junior batch in order to teach the newcomers some lessons.

At one point, two groups of the senior batch engaged in an altercation over the matter.

Two groups of the junior batch clashed on the campus when some students were beaten up.

No one was seriously injured in the clashes, according to witnesses.

Comilla University unit Chhatra League President Ilias Hossain Sabuj said that.

The fight broke out over a trifling matter.

He said that he had sat with both the sides and resolved the issue.

University proctor Dr Mohammad Kamal Uddin said that the proctorial team went to the spot.

But there was no one. He said that the authorities would take a decision on the matter on Saturday.

No one would have known about the regular psychological and physical torture.

Junior students if Abrar had not died. Reportedly.

When the unfortunate young lad was taken for a roughing up session.

Many general students knew that Abrar would possibly come back with bruises and injuries.

This has happened in the past and not just in Buet.

Students also faced abuse plus beatings in Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Kuet.

Reportedly, Abrar had also raised questions about the standard of the food at Buet several months earlier.

Which, as many students said, was one of the reasons why he was made a target.

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