Reviving our waterways

Preserving and freeing up our waterways have both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Despite the development of our infrastructure, the waterways of Dhaka have been neglected and left to shrink away for far too long now.

Any city no matter how developed it is has to have both functional greenery.

And waterways to preserve the ecological balance and the essence of the city.

Not only that, but having clean waterways can benefit cities in a myriad of ways.

As such, it is deplorable that Dhaka, the capital of a riverine country, has completely neglected its canals and waterways. 

For the benefits, one doesn’t need to look further than the rainy season.

The city gets clogged in water as there is no place for the water to flow.

There are numerous waterways that used to crisscross Dhaka that could have acted as outlets for this.

These canals are used as dumping grounds for trash or they have been occupied by nefarious beings.

This contamination of the waterways is also contributing to the epidemic of dengue.

A disease that started to become deadly as the city began to lose its natural splendour. 

An even more interesting idea is that the waterways could be used as alternatives to the roads.

And other transportation medium available to us.

25% of a city needs to be roads, and in order to meet this requirement, we would have to redesign Dhaka from the ground up.

But with the help of waterbuses and using our waterways to their fullest potential.

We can add another viable alternative and a solution to the ever-present traffic jam issue that has been plaguing our city.

In short, preserving and freeing up our waterways have both practical and aesthetic benefits.

The waterways can even act as tourist spots and boost citizen morale.

On the flipside, if things continue like this, then the issues arising from the lack of water bodies can only get worse.

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