Serajul Alam Khan's role

Serajul Alam Khan’s role: The 81st birthday of political thinker and analyst Serajul Alam Khan was observed on Thursday. 

One of the greatest organizers of the Liberation War, Khan is also known as Dadabhai among his close circle.  

On his 81st birthday, relatives, friends, and coworkers of Serajul Alam Khan organized an event in the capital on Thursday. 

Family members and representatives of different political parties were present on the occasion.

Barrister Farah Khan conducted the program. Khan himself, however, did not attend the event. 

Remembering the contribution of Serajul Alam Khan in the independence of Bangladesh, Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury said that his role in the liberation war should be taught in history classes. 

“He is a lighthouse in the anti-political society that has been created in the country now.

He dedicated his entire life to this nation. But unfortunately, we have failed to recognize his contributions,” Dr. Zafrullah said. 

“His philosophy, background, and political history should be taught at schools,” he added.

Khan was the first person to introduce politics for laborers in the subcontinent and brought the proletariats into mainstream politics.

There can be a lot of disagreement on his roles, but his intention, patriotism, and skill as a youth organizer are unquestionable, said speakers present at the event.

“I feel proud to say that Serajul Alam Khan was my mentor in politics,” said Mahmudur Rahman Manna, convener of Nagorik Oikya Front.

Manna said that Serajul Alam Khan was a great organizer and he played a pivotal role during the liberation war of the country.

President of Gonoshonghoti Andolon Zonaed Saki at the event termed Khan as a mystic character.

“He was the one who brought the idea of freedom to ordinary people of the country,” Zonayed Saki added.

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