Stepping up to serve the nation

As far as food security is concerned, Bangladesh is currently going through a difficult period.

Over the past few months, as a result of the war in Ukraine, we have noticed significant volatility when it comes to food prices in our country.

From edible oil to the availability of other everyday essentials, there’s no doubt that, as far as food security is concerned, Bangladesh is currently going through a difficult period

However, it has been good to see the authorities concerned acknowledge the issues, and their efforts to address them have also been commendable.

Yet, it is imperative that we take the issue of food security with the seriousness it deserves, so that we are never in a position where citizens are going hungry

To that end, Army chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed saying that the armed forces will produce toxin-free.

Organic food grains in the barren lands of all the cantonments across the country is extremely positive news.

And is the kind of proactive intent we expect from those who have sworn to protect the nation.

Of course, the army’s predominant task is to look after our country’s defense, but to see them not only thinking out of the box.

But to address such a critical need in the nation deserves plaudits.

Equally impressive is the army acknowledging its role in ensuring food safety in the nation. 

However, this initiative remains very much in its nascent stage.

Yet, we hope that the relevant authorities cooperate with the army and provide them with any assistance that they may require.

So that they are able to successfully scale-up this most admirable and incredibly timely initiative.

Let this be the first of many innovations that get us ever closer to achieving self sufficiency as a nation when it comes to food production and consumption.

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