The future is female

It’s time for our women entrepreneurs to rise up and take our economy to its next level.

An obvious point that, unfortunately, still bears mention when discussing the continuous development of Bangladesh is just how important the role of women has been.

As the primary engine of our economy, our readymade garments industry primarily comprises of female employees, as has been the status quo for as long as the industry has existed.

However, when it comes to the leadership of women in businesses, Bangladesh falls short.

Despite the inordinate number of women who help keep our economy afloat and thriving, clearly more needs to be done for women entrepreneurs.

To really lift up our women entrepreneurs, it is becoming increasingly evident that nothing short of institutional support can help us to that end support.

Such as the recently announced online platform being set-up by the World Bank and SME which seeks to assist women entrepreneurs in marketing their products.

While it is good to see non-profits pick up the slack of our own government.

It does not excuse our political leaders from their own responsibility of facilitating women from being able to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

More needs to be done.

Unfortunately, for many, the term “CEO” still conjures up the image of a man in a business suit in a position of authority.

These ways of thinking have become entrenched in our culture.

As most of the world has finally understood the positive impacts of having more women run businesses, we cannot allow our nation to be left by the wayside.

It’s time for our women entrepreneurs to rise up and take our economy to its next level.

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