One statue completely missing, others broken and faded

The sculptures of 11 Bangladesh national team cricketers at the Nimtala area of Chittagong city have fallen into disrepair due to neglect and lack of maintenance.

According to Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) sources, the sculptures were made by the advertising agency Bioscope under an initiative of the CCC on the occasion of the 2011 World Cup.

At the time, the CCC spent around Tk41 crore to decorate and place various sculptures in different parts of the city. The funds were provided by the Ministry of Local Government.

Most of the sculptures are now grey and faded.

The sculptures of the cricketers were last renovated during the T20 World Cup in March 2014. Since then, no one has taken steps to maintain them.

One sculpture is now completely missing, while parts of the others have broken off. The colour of the jerseys has faded, and the label Bangladesh is no longer visible at all. 

Cricket fans have lamented the poor condition of the sculptures when the team itself has been putting up strong performances on the pitch.

Ashraful Islam, a cricket fan waiting for a bus beside the sculpture, said: “Bangladesh is now known around the world for its cricket. The players are bringing home one success after another. Such a poor condition of the sculptures hurts cricket lovers like us.”

He urged the authorities to repair the sculptures as soon as possible. 

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