To never go hungry

Food security is an absolute imperative.

While our nation is far from the days of rampant famine and nutritional hazards.

Food security has remained an issue despite our development.

And with the global supply chain of goods being impacted by events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now is the time for Bangladesh to become more self-reliant when it comes to the production of food.

To that end, it is heartening to see the government being pro-active in ramping up food production.

Indeed, if we think back, ensuring the availability of safe and nutritious food for each.

Every Bangladeshi has been a constant electoral pledge for the incumbent administration.

Each election year, and while the situation has improved a lot in the past decade.

We are all living in unprecedented times.

With our immediate neighbours withholding exports of staples.

Such as wheat, we need to be better prepared for future shocks down the line. 

But availability is but one aspect of food security. Adulteration, unfortunately.

Has maintained its presence as a threat to the health of the general population.

A threat that no one is spared from. The administration had revealed plans for a central food testing laboratory as early as a year ago.

Clearly time is of the essence for such an institution to be given the utmost priority in its operations.

Given the sheer density of our population, a potential way to sidestep food insecurity can be achieved.

Through a focus on genetically-modified crops.

We have already seen some success in the form of golden rice.

And further investment in this sector can only pay increased dividends.

As Bangladesh marches towards middle income status.

The ensuing development must be equitable and sustainable.

To that end food security is an absolute imperative.

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