Bangladeshi workers

Dependence on a singular market is not a sustainable solution.

While the Middle East has been a consistent source of remittance for Bangladeshi workers.

For a while now, the dependence on a singular market is not a sustainable solution.

In fact, our over-reliance on Gulf nations as a manpower destination has exposed numerous issues.

In these countries ranging from the abuse and torture of our workers.

To the human traffickers seeing easy prey in our hardworking men and women abroad.

As such, it is good that the administration is finally looking into teaching our migrant workers new skills.

That could finally pave the way to other nations as potential sources of remittance. 

With the government signing a contract to launch Korean language courses for migrant workers.

We can now finally look to the East as the next frontier for our migrant workers.

Countries like Japan have already expressed an interest in taking in more Bangladeshi migrant workers.

Working on the skills of our labourers is always a good sign.

And looking into sending them to different countries means that there are more opportunities.

Having access to more markets gives Bangladesh a much needed bargaining chip.

When it comes to negotiating the terms of labour contracts as well, which is always a good thing.

Bangladesh will also be enjoying the benefits of a demographic dividend, and this could give our foreign exchange reserves a much needed boost.

All in all, the initiatives by the authorities deserve praise.

And is one of the steps that should transform us into economic powerhouses. 

We need to keep this momentum going.

Our country has been a big source of labour for other nations for a long time.

It only makes sense that we would double down on this avenue. 

All nations become prosperous by focusing on the things they are good.

Now it is our time to shine.

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