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Tourist destinations, both domestic and international, are seeing an influx of tourists regardless of season.

Tourism- both local and international is back to near normal after two years of Covid restrictions

Tourist destinations, both domestic and international, are seeing an influx of tourists regardless of season. 

If you want to explore Bangladesh in the monsoon, there is no better place than the Hill Tracts.

From the Suptadhara waterfall in Sitakundu to Risang waterfall in Khagrachari, best seen after it rains. 

The hill tracts of Chittagong have some of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country. 

A mere 2-hour trek from the mysterious Boga Lake in Bandarban takes travelers to the top of Keokradong, one of the tallest peaks in Bangladesh. 

If trekking is too adventurous, then there are the relaxing boat rides on Promodini boats in Kaptai. 

The cruise takes place across a scenic view of Kaptai lake. 

There is also the Roof of Rangamati – Sajek.

Staying in Sajek valley for a day or two is the perfect way to spend a few days within the hills. 

GoZayaan can be your perfect partner in organizing your entire vacation hassle free. 

They offer a range of tours on their website and app starting from half day tours to multiple day cruises.

With international borders opening up again, many are choosing to go to Nepal, Thailand, India, Maldives, Turkey are fast becoming the most popular destinations for travellers. 

Traveling to areas which are close to the border have also proven to be quite cheap in comparison to domestic destinations. 

Nepal is home to the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and the Annapurna Range. 

The cities of Kathmundu, Pokhara and Nagarkot provide a charm like no other.

Nepal’s culturally enriched makes the country perfect for tourism. 

Thailand is also popular for tourists right now as the country provides both.

A vibrant city life and natural beauty.

Bangkok is known for its bright lights, street food, shopping and nightlife.

Meanwhile, Krabi and Phuket are famous for pristine beaches surrounded by green mountains.

Island hopping is a popular activity clusters of beautiful little islands have formed in this area. 

Many mistake Maldives as an expensive destination for honeymooners. 

In reality, the country offers all sorts of experiences for budget travelers and luxury vacationers alike. 

The country is an accumulation of over 1200 coral islands, each more beautiful than the other.

While there are the famous 5 star luxury resorts in Maldives, similar views can also be found from.

The local islands of Maafushi, Fulidhoo, Hulhumale etc. 

Turkey is another popular destination to travel with the whole family. 

The turquoise waters of the Bosphorus, Floating hot air balloons of Cappadocia,

The rich architecture miss the historical marvel of the country where the East meets the West. 

While traveling abroad paints a lucrative picture, it can often put a strain on the wallet.

GoZayaan has a handy service for travelers who face this problem but still want to travel limitless. 

Their 0% EMI service gives travelers the opportunity to travel now and pay later. 

With 0% EMI upto 6 months and minimal charges for the months following.

This is a service meant to make travel accessible for everyone who has the intent to do so. 

The EMI service can be availed for domestic flights, hotels and tours as well. 

After two long years of lockdowns and quarantines, now is the perfect time to travel. Nothing should stand in the way of fulfilling one’s dreams to explore. 

Whether it’s the hills or the sea, overseas or within borders.

Adventure or relaxation- travel should continue to be limitless.

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