Total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipse: Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth

A total solar eclipse plunged Antarctica from summer into darkness on Saturday in a rare astronomical spectacle witnessed by a handful of scientists and thrill-seekers — and countless penguins.

“The visibility was excellent,” said Raul Cordero of the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), who was on site to witness “totality” at 0746 GMT, with the “ring of fire” phase lasting just over 40 seconds.

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting its shadow on Earth. For the eclipse to be total, the Sun, Moon and Earth must be directly aligned.

Reports by a number of major international news outlets in July revealed that rights activists, journalists, politicians and jurists in 45 countries across the world have been targeted since 2016 with the Pegasus spyware which can invade iPhones and Android devices and remain undetected.

The spyware has enormous invasive power with the ability to turn on the mic and camera of a smartphone without any input by its user. It can also track location and record keystrokes — as was revealed in July through the Pegasus Project, an international investigative journalism initiative consisting of 17 media organizations from across the world.

A Washington Post article, not part of the primary investigation by the Pegasus Project, later revealed that a Canadian cybersecurity organisation named ‘Citizen Lab’ documented suspected Pegasus infections in 45 locations, which included Bangladesh.

Bangladesh government, however, vehemently denied purchasing the spyware.

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