Towards stronger ties with Nordic nations

This is a good indication of the ongoing ambitions of our diplomatic wing.

At this point it has been well established that Bangladesh needs to continue to strengthen.

Its ties with other nations if we are to make the next logical leap in our development as a nation.

To that end the latest feather in Bangladesh’s diplomatic hat is the increase in bilateral trade-based ties between Bangladesh and Nordic countries.

While Bangladesh enjoys a good relationship with the rest of the EU.

The Nordic countries prefer to operate as a separate bloc, and it is good we are treating them as a separate entity and increasing our trade with them.

The more allies we have, the more secure our position is for the future.

And of course having more markets for our exports will help to make our economy more sustainable. 

This is the most important aspect that experts have emphasized in a business event.

The current GDP of Bangladesh stands at $465 billion and is growing at a rate of 7.25%.

However due to climate change and numerous other factors.

This growth is threatened.

Since Nordic countries understand our issues and have been helping the local economy since independence.

They can supply us with many advanced skills, tools, and procedures to keep the economy going.

The increased business also means that our economy will keep growing.

And that our business environment will gradually improve as we deal with more foreign stakeholders.

Nordic countries are also at the forefront of education.

And increased ties with them can help us in this sector as well.

We are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, and we have to learn from whomever we can. 

As such increasing our partnership with the bloc can help us in more ways than one.

This is a good indication of the ongoing ambitions of our diplomatic wing rightfully mirroring.

That of the nation as a whole.

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