Transforming landscape

Our nation’s development is gradual but inclusive.

A helipad in a barren sandy piece of land built with considerable amounts of money will raise eyebrows.

This has been done following stringent prescription by the civil aviation authority in terms of all its safety.

Its surroundings, precise measurement, and marking have required lighting arrangement.

The winds direction indicator (WDI) and fire fighting arrangement etc.

The retired air commodore looking after the aviation unit is a hard taskmaster who ensured nothing.

Prospective investors, high-profile visitors, and consultants are unlikely to have so much time.

Their disposal to take a road journey from the capital who would find it very convenient to avail.

A helicopter ride instead during day or night.

Such are probably some of the considerations which led to the construction of this helipad.

Across the river, Meghna is a piece of land being developed as Cumilla Economic Zone. 

As you approach Meghna Toll Plaza along the Dhaka Chittagong highway to your left.

There is a branch road heading towards the riverbank which further follows the river line.

There is a U-loop that goes across the highway underneath the approach road.

This particular U-loop has been constructed entirely at the initiative of the entrepreneurs here.

Leaving aside the financial cost involved, convincing the government agencies concerned.

This now serves as the lifeline of a good number of industries in the area including Meghna Economic.

It allows a large number of local inhabitants to use the internal roads uninterrupted.

And they are even connected with the capital city by means of direct bus service. 

Back in 2010 there hardly used to be vessels coming to this area because navigability was hindered.

The shallow depth of the river here.

It is by continuous dredging by industrialists here that the draught now is even up to 25 meters.

Which allows a host of vessels to navigate unhindered throughout the year.

You will find a series of pontoons and jetties built along the river line to serve the industries.

This area crisscrossed by offshoots of Meghna has been inhabited by people.

Having hardly had any sustainable source of income.

They mostly depended on very low-yielding agriculture, fishing, etc.

The land around was marshy and sandy thus very low yielding to none.

The sugar refineries, ship-building, paper and packaging, seed-crushing, cement.

And edible oil all came up gradually.

The industrialization of this area has done a tremendous service to the locals in transforming their lives.

These all happened because of improved connectivity and opening up of job and business opportunities.

The local inhabitants are now overwhelmed by a large number of people from across the country.

Who has gathered here mostly in the form of unskilled laborers.

Over the years many have been converted to semi-skilled from unskilled workers.

The lucky ones have also been able to pick up some kind of managerial or supervisory job by dint.

Of their perseverance and on-the-job learning.

Housing has grown to a huge proportion here, serving both people working in the industries.

There is an assortment of high-to-middle-to-low income people living in this area.

Even at midnight, you will find the bustling alleys, shops, and marketplaces alive with people coming.

It is a win-win situation for the locals who sold off their land and entrepreneurs who got those.

The land price has gone up to unbelievable figures compared to what it had been 15 years ago.

This has been a real boon for the locals.

A local youth riding a ramshackle motorbike five years back came looking for business in the form.

Of sand-filling, waste disposal, arranging daily labor for ongoing construction work.

And other essential services can now afford to drive a posh car.

He still continues to work for a local entrepreneur.

The transformation of lifestyle is so much visible in this young man, and many others around.

All because of the huge investment did over the last two decades and its trickle-down effect.

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