Rescue team had found the bodies of five people on Saturday

The Turag River trawler capsize incident rescue effort has officially come to an end. 

After 32 hours, divers have traced bodies of five people with two people still missing, Inspector Alamgir Hossain of the river police told the media on Sunday.

The bodies of four children and a woman were recovered Saturday. Three of them were identified as Rupom, 4, Arman, 3, and Shiuli Akter, 47, said Fire Service Deputy Director Dinomoni Sharma.

The two other children are yet to be identified.

With the total number of passengers still unknown, the rescue mission was launched around 9am on Saturday several hours after the trawler sank after a bulkhead vessel hit it. Authorities managed to lift the sunken boat later in the afternoon

A total of four boats and a diver team were involved in the mission along with the navy, coast guard, river police and Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA).

Even though the rescue efforts have been called off, around two to three kilometres around the capsize site will still be under observation, said Inspector Hossain.

The rescue efforts resumed for a second day early on Sunday after it was halted on Saturday evening due to low visibility and strong current.

Fire Service official Sharma suspects that the missing persons might have been washed away by the current. Locals have been asked to inform the authorities on spotting any bodies.

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