university's residential halls

The university’s residential halls reopened

Lively atmosphere on first day back at the campus Even if

In the same way In-person classes resumed at Chittagong University (CU) on Tuesday,

For example following its reopening after a closure for a year and a half due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students boarded shuttle trains from the city to the campus at between 8am and 9 am.

Earlier on Monday, the university’s residential halls reopened Moreover

However, regular classes and examinations of the university will be

In this case suspended during the admission tests for first year students.

For this purpose The tests will be held from October 27.

Before Inspecting the residential halls ahead of the reopening, CU Vice-Chancellor Dr Shireen Akhter said:

“We will do our utmost to ensure hygiene. Students will be requested to stay in the halls peacefully. In addition, there are plans to take one day off a week and hold extra classes to help people catch up.” the university’s residential halls reopene

Subsequently Teachers and students are happy with the resumption of in-person classes after 19 months. The atmosphere on the campus was characterized by optimism and enthusiasm. 

Shahriaz Mohammad, a student of the Bangla department of CU,

said he had been waiting for a long time to return to class In particular.

4 Comilla University teachers, treasurer on list of best global researchers

WEB- Comilla University

A researcher thanks Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for research allocations

As a result Four Comilla University (CoU) teachers as well as its treasurer

Further have been included in the list of the world’s best

Notwithstanding But researchers published by the Alper-Doger Scientific Index.

The list was published on Sunday in 12 categories Together with

Therefore The five are CoU Treasurer Asaduzzaman, who also teaches

Although at the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Dhaka University,

Mohammed Belal Uddin and Tofael Hossain Majumder of CoU’s Department of Accounting

Likewise and Information Systems, Khalilur Rahman of the Department of Physics,

At the same time and Kazi Omar Siddiqi‬ of the Department of Management.

Even so Thanking Prime Minister Sheikh Hasin

Soon for the research allocations in various projects under

the Ministry of Science and Technology, Asaduzzaman hoped the allocations would be further increased in the future.

For the most part On Sunday, the international organization published

Lastly the list on the basis of citations and other indices In conclusion

Later of more than 700,000 scientists from 206 countries across the globe.

In listing 708,561 scientists from around the world Without reservation

1,794 from Bangladesh Otherwise their citations in the last five years were taken into account.

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