When in doubt ask for help

Flooding is known to wreak absolute havoc in areas that are particularly low-lying.

The nation at present, is experiencing massive flooding caused by the onset of monsoon this year.

Which has already caused multiple deaths and devastation within many regions.

The situation is dire, and may be the most severe case of flooding the country has seen in years.

This is not new however Bangladesh with its low-lying areas and heavy population.

Has been a victim to floods and subsequent issues since the very beginning.

However, we have failed to form effective plans to successfully prevent or resolve said issues.

The lives and livelihoods of millions of people at risk, year after year.

Under such catastrophic circumstances.

It is commendable that we are seriously considering asking our neighbouring country for help.

That the foreign minister has recently announced a potential partnership with India.

Design active strategies for better water management and to counter the flooding problem.

It’s not only a smart move forward but also an imperative one.

Given that we share a large number of rivers with India, and that the country experiences similar levels.

The same natural disaster it is only fitting.

We work together to seek permanent solutions to the problem.

Flooding is known to wreak absolute havoc in areas that are particularly low-lying.

They often cause fatalities and also have long-term repercussions on the livelihoods of locals.

It is crucial, then, that proper measures are taken to device.

And put competent water management and flood relief systems in place.

Which can then prevent such a destructive natural disaster to cause our people any more harm.

Too many lives have already been lost or upturned due to this natural calamity.

We must not waste any more time in joining hands with every capable entity to resolve this problem.

And put the country at ease.

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