With a little help from our friends

A country lives and dies by the relationships it forges with other nations. To that end, the numerous bilateral ties that our nation has forged.

Maintained, with both close neighbours and friends from afar, testifies to Bangladesh’s underlying mantra of friendship towards all malice towards none when it comes to foreign policy.

The US is arguably one of Bangladesh’s most important allies in that regard.

And it is good to see the nation acknowledge Bangladesh’s rapid socioeconomic growth in the last few decades.

With Kelly Keiderling, the US deputy assistant secretary of State for South Asia and Public Diplomacy.

Expressing the US’s desire to be part of Bangladesh’s future socioeconomic success stories.

Bangladesh and the US have been partners in peace for a long time.

From taking part in UN missions together to Bangladeshi forces being trained under US forces, the bond our two nations share is inextricable.

But there is ample space for improvement.

The recent US-led delegation of the US-Bangladesh Business Council.

Which operates under the US’s Chamber of Commerce, is a good sign of future economic ties between our two nations. 

As a nation, Bangladesh is ripe for foreign investment opportunities and it is incredibly important for us to maintain that position.

Of course, it’s not enough to be an attractive investment destination if we keep squandering such opportunities.

Unfortunately, Bangladesh is still one of the lowest-ranking nations in the global Ease of Doing Business Index.

With a lot of the problems being chalked up to needless bureaucracy and corruption.

If the government wishes to see the promise that Bangladesh holds to countries like the US.

It behooves them to root out all the problem elements which are keeping potential investors from setting up shot more easily in our country.

Bangladesh is on the precipice of achieving middle-income status, and we will need all the help we can get in the final stretches.

This is an auspicious period in the history of our nation’s future, and we need to seize every opportunity we can get to ensure that future is fruitful for us and our partners.

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